About BA

Welcome to Brookfield Academy!

Founded in 1962, Brookfield Academy is an extraordinary independent school whose success is directly related to the quality of our program, the dedication of our exceptional faculty and staff, the support of our parents and alumni, and an unwavering commitment to our mission.
Welcome to Brookfield Academy! Having been at Brookfield Academy for more than half of its existence, a significant part of my development and growth as a teacher, coach, and administrator were influenced by the leadership and words of wisdom of our previous Heads of School. I strive to lead this great school in the same capacity and fashion of these esteemed individuals.  

What stands out about Brookfield Academy? To me, there are two very distinct factors: Mission and excellence in education.  

The Mission of Brookfield Academy is to graduate students prepared for college and life, educated in the skills, values, and heritage of responsible, constructive, free people. At Brookfield Academy, we take academics seriously, but there is more to learning than just gaining knowledge or getting high grades. The school works to make each of our students a better individual and better student. As one of the school’s Founders, William L. Law, so brilliantly stated:
The Academy student learns to adapt to life, pursue a career and make a living –  but if that is all that we have learned then we have failed. He graduates with firm moral principles with an understanding and appreciation of culture and a sense of responsibility to every person.

Excellence at Brookfield Academy is seen through nurturing potential and inspiring success. We reach excellence as best we can; and if we don’t, we stop, reflect, look to get better, and try again. Excellence is not about being perfect - it is more about having the determination to do our best in all that we undertake and continuously improving. 

This website outlines our school’s programs and in particular the role of the Academy Triangle - Students, Parents, Teachers - working together in the best interests of our students. I emphasize the word together as value comes in all forms from our wonderful students and through our teachers and parents.  

I have the privilege of seeing Brookfield Academy in action every day across the entire campus - more than 100 acres, six buildings, and wonderful athletic facilities. From classroom visits, to attending extracurricular events, to teaching and supervising in all divisions, I observe the positive environment of learning and our programs in action. We are truly blessed. Brookfield Academy is about family, community, passion for education, and thinking critically within our Five Stars of Truth, Intellect, Character, Individuality, and Heritage.  

We all play an important role in the educational development of our students:
  • Primary School - reading and acquiring knowledge
  • Lower School - increasing capabilities and building comprehension 
  • Middle School - welcoming creative, logical, and inquisitive minds 
  • Upper School -  maturing and evolving to a responsible person   

The Academy Triangle is crucial in preparing our graduates for college and life.   

Mr. Douglas Ricci
Head of School
An Independent College Preparatory Day School | K3 to Grade 12