Rich in Arts and Culture

At Brookfield Academy we believe an environment rich in arts and culture strengthens the foundation for a classical education.

Create at Brookfield Academy

We believe there is an opportunity for every student to experiment and discover his or her artistry at Brookfield Academy.
Whether students draw inspiration from the paintings of Picasso, the music of Mozart, or the beats of Broadway, arts education supports our mission to educate students for life by teaching them to think critically, develop a passion for beauty, and create with imagination.

Primary School and Lower School students learn to sing, play instruments, draw, paint, and speak with confidence. Middle School students choose ensemble music in Band or Chorus and participate in a rotation in Visual Arts and Theatre. When students reach Upper School, they are prepared to embrace a wide selection of arts electives and extracurricular experiences.

Our campus is alive with student art. We have six yearly theatre productions with technical and acting opportunities open to all students, ongoing band and choral performances throughout the year, and visual art displays and shows using the latest tools in design and technology.

David Wacholz, Upper School English Chair

"So often in the highly competitive world we occupy, we become fixated primarily on what can be quantified. The arts help us to remember that the highest ideals of a classical education seek to cultivate wisdom and virtue by nourishing the soul in truth, goodness, and beauty."
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