100% of our students go on to college or university.
The Mission of Brookfield Academy is to graduate students prepared for college and life, educated in the skills, values, and heritage of responsible, constructive, free people.

A Message from Brookfield Academy:

In light of recent inquiries of Brookfield Academy relating to the current events surrounding racial injustice, Brookfield Academy would like to take an opportunity to reinforce its Mission and philosophy. The Mission of Brookfield Academy is to graduate students prepared for college and life, educated in the skills, values, and heritage of responsible, constructive, free people.  In pursuit of its Mission, Brookfield Academy’s directors, head of school, division heads, teachers, staff, students, parents, supporters, and friends have mutually pledged to embrace fully and without reservation the values represented by the Five Stars: Individuality, Truth, Character, Heritage, and Intellect.  
  • Individuality:  We believe in the God-given sanctity, dignity, and liberty of each and every individual person, including the lives of Black people. We believe each student is unique, and, as such, we celebrate and embrace the diversity of our students.  
  • Truth:  We believe in the existence of Truth, emanating from God. While we do not attempt to instruct students in any religious doctrine, we operate as a broadly-based Judeo-Christian institution in our religious orientation and, as such, we have adopted tenets including the commandment to love thy neighbor as thyself as our moral guidance.  
  • Character: We believe in emphasizing character formation in all that we do. We help students develop self-esteem while also instilling respect for others, using the concept of the Golden Rule as our standard of conduct.  
  • Heritage:  We respect the lessons of ancient civilizations and our own country’s past. We seek to imbue our students with a love for our country’s traditions of individual liberty and responsibility and with a desire to perpetuate them. To that end, we stand against oppression of any kind, including the oppression against Black people.
  • Intellect:  We strive for maximum intellectual development of each student, and we encourage the free, critical thinking of every student to foster moral discernment.   
Our Mission and philosophy have always stood against racism and for the sanctity of the lives of Black people. Our hope is that our actions, and not just our words, over the course of our 58-year history, demonstrate this position. To the extent that our Brookfield Academy family has ideas, concerns or calls to action, we remain open to listening to, understanding, and engaging in any intellectual discourse that further supports and strengthens the Mission of Brookfield Academy.
Guided by the values of our Five Stars, our students continue to meet the challenges of Remote Learning with cheerful spirits and willing hearts. Brookfield Academy's Upper School choir students share their most recent project.

Student Accomplishments

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  • BA Student Wins Historical Society Scholarship

    Congratulations! Senior student Emily Elfelt, a member of Rho Kappa Honor Society, won a $1000 scholarship from the Elmbrook Historical Society. 
  • Student's Art Work Selected for AP Exhibit

    Congratulations! The art and design works of Brookfield Academy senior Amanda Roessler will be included in the 2020-21 Advanced Placement Art and Design Exhibit. The annual exhibit honors the work of outstanding AP Art and Design students. From about 63,000 students, only 51 students' work was selected for the exhibit which will be entirely digital this year.
  • BA Team Earns 2nd Place in Wisconsin Yes!

    Congratulations! Brookfield Academy's team won another top spot in the Wisconsin Yes! Youth business plan contest. The team of (L to R) Akshay Saluja, Charlotte Aexel, Mishaal Omer, and Joe Zhu won runner-up for their "TeaPop" business. This is the third year Brookfield Academy has earned a first or second-place ranking in the competition.
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