Upper School Athletics

Our Philosophy: 
We believe the merits of the Five Stars are taught on the playing fields as well as in the classroom.
To understand that participating in athletics is a privilege and not a right, Brookfield Academy athletes learn to be diligent in preparation, relentless in effort, disciplined by nature, respectful in actions, self-controlled with words, humble in spirit, and determined in the pursuit of excellence.

We believe the merits of the Five Stars are taught on the playing fields as well as in the classroom. The abstract ideals of the Five Stars are demonstrated and nurtured by our coaches with the expectation that they will someday guide the concrete actions and decisions of our graduates. Interscholastic team sports provide an ideal opportunity for students to mature physically and emotionally, while learning the virtues of teamwork, fair play, leadership, and hard work. Accordingly, we maintain a “no-cut” policy for Lower School, Middle School, Upper School freshmen, and Upper School junior varsity teams, while valuing varsity team membership as a privilege to be earned by those athletes exhibiting the necessary skills, dedication, and work ethic to promote a successful athletic program. Concurrently, we believe every team member deserves the chance to participate to the maximum of his or her individual ability in a competitive team environment. Furthermore, we expect that players, coaches, and fans will at all times reflect the highest standard of the Five Stars in their personal conduct as they represent Brookfield Academy at athletic activities.

Coaches at all levels take pride in coaching and developing young men and women—not just athletes. Coaches and teachers monitor athletes’ academic standing during the sports season and expect students to maintain acceptable academic standards in order to continue athletic participation.

Fall Sports

Cross Country
Girls Field Hockey
Boys Soccer
Girls Tennis
Girls Volleyball
Girls Swimming

Winter Sports

Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Coed Fencing
*Boys Hockey
*Coed Skiing
Boys Swimming

*Boys Hockey is a co-op led by Waukesha North
*Coed Skiing is a co-op led by University Lake School

Spring Sports

Girls Soccer
Girls Softball
Boys Track & Field
Girls Track & Field
Boys Baseball
Boys Tennis
Boys Golf

Strength and Conditioning

Brookfield Academy sees the virtue of properly instructed strength and conditioning based on the latest scientific research. In an effort to improve performance on the athletic field, Brookfield Academy sees the importance of providing a safe and effective fitness program for its student-athletes. Student-athletes will be engaged in a program to improve flexibility, balance, speed, agility, injury prevention, and strength. The overall goal of our program is for students to use these workouts as a foundation for making important, lifelong fitness decisions. All strength and conditioning sessions are instructed by a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach in accordance with Brookfield Academy’s overall mission.

Strength and Conditioning sessions are offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the Patriots Hall Fitness Center from 3:30-4:45 pm. 

Spencer Francis Class of 2015

“Athletics at BA taught me several valuable life lessons that enhanced the things I learned in the classroom. My experience has taught me that through hard work, anything is possible. Being a captain has taught me leadership, communication, and integrity – allowing me to excel not only as an athlete, but as a scholar and an individual as well.”


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  • State Affiliations

    WIAA: Brookfield Academy is a member of the WIAA (Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association) and sponsors several sports that com­pete in different divisions of the WIAA. Within those divisions, post-season playoffs are conducted that determine a state champion in each sport. Divisions are determined by the number of schools participat­ing in the sport and the student population for each.The largest schools compete in the Division 1.

    Brookfield Academy sponsors sports that compete in the following WIAA divisions:
    • Baseball (boys), Division 3
    • Basketball (boys and girls), Division 3
    • Cross Country (boys and girls), Division 3
    • Football (boys), Division 5
    • Golf (boys), Division 2
    • Soccer (boys and girls), Division 4
    • Softball (girls), Division 3
    • Swimming (boys and girls), Division 2
    • Tennis (boys and girls), Division 2
    • Track & Field (boys and girls), Division 2
    • Volleyball (girls), Division 3
    • Wrestling co-op (boys), Division 2

    WHSFHA: Brookfield Academy is a member of the WHSFHA (Wisconsin High School Field Hockey Association), which is composed of nine area schools of various sizes that compete in Field Hockey in the fall. The season concludes with a state championship tournament. The schools in the WHSFA are:

    Arrowhead, Brookfield Academy, Divine Savior Holy Angels, Kettle Moraine, Living Word Lutheran, Trinity Academy, University Lake School, University School of Milwaukee,and Wayland Academy
  • Conference Affiliations

    Midwest Classic Conference: Brookfield Academy is part of the nine-member Midwest Classic Conference. The conference includes the following schools:

    Brookfield Academy, Heritage Christian, Lake Country Lutheran, Living Word Lutheran, Messmer, St. John’s Northwest Military Academy, HOPE Christian, University School of Milwaukee, St. Francis, Catholic Central, Kingdom Prep, and Watertown Luther Prep.

    Conference champions are determined by regular-season standings or post-season tournaments. Conference championships are awarded in cross country, track and field, basketball, baseball, football, golf, soccer, volleyball, and wrestling.

    Independent: Brookfield Academy’s boys and girls swim and tennis teams compete in meets throughout the school year and have no conference alignment. These teams compete in WIAA sectional and state championship competition.

    Fencing is a sport at Brookfield Academy that competes against local and Chicago area schools.

    MHSSC: The Brookfield Academy ski team com­petes in meets throughout January, February, and March in the MHSSC (Midwest High School Ski Conference). A team of BA skiers and skiers from other cooperative high schools compete against 24 other teams at competitions held at Alpine Valley, Sunburst, and Heiliger Huegel. The state championship ski meet is held in La Crosse.
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