School Safety and Security

Student Safety is our Priority

Brookfield Academy works to provide a safe environment for all of our students. At some time, however, we may be faced with an emergency or crisis requiring immediate, appropriate response. Although we cannot predict all possible future possibilities, our staff is trained to respond to crisis situations, and the school maintains a Crisis Management Handbook that guides staff actions should an incident occur.
In the event of a crisis, communication may initially be delayed or confused. It is our intention to communicate facts as quickly as possible, but the reality is that there will likely be some delay as information is gathered and verified. Parents are urged to be patient and avoid calling the school at such a time as phones will be utilized for addressing the emergency.

How will parents be notified during a crisis?
As soon as possible, official communications will be made using the School Messenger emergency notification system. This system allows rapid dissemination of messages via telephone, text and email. In addition, alert banners will be posted on the website homepage and parent portal providing critical information.
If the Brookfield Academy campus is inaccessible, parents will be able to reunite with their children at the Brookfield Lutheran Church building on 18500 W. Burleigh Road.
What else do parents need to know?

- Stay away from Campus (as difficult as it might be). We will send you School Messenger Updates with details.

- Know our Reunification Location – if that is where you are directed to go. (Brookfield Lutheran Church, 18500 W. Burleigh Road.)

- Reinforce to your child – “You see something, you say something” to an adult.

- Keep your contact information current with us.*
*Any required updates will be made prior to the start of each school year. If you have any changes to your phone or mobile number, or email address (during the school year), please contact Jennifer Danning, to update your information.

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