Middle & Lower School


Start Date: August 15
Typical Season Length: 11-12 weeks

Equipment Needed:
Knee pads (optional), gym/volleyball shoes

Typical Practice Schedule: Regular practice will be held twice a week, either on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Exact practice schedules will be determined by the number of teams as well as coach availability. Practice times will be between 3:30 pm and 7:00 pm. Students in Level 5 and Level 6 typically practice 1.5 hours each practice, while students in Level 7 and Level 8 typically practice 2 hours each practice. 

Game Schedule: League matches are typically held on Saturday mornings, however could also be held in the afternoon. Additional matches are also scheduled through non-league games and tournaments which may be on weekdays and weekends.

Practice Location: Freedom Hall Gyms

Uniform Information: All players will receive a jersey top. Players must purchase their own navy blue spandex. BA will provide optional game shorts for players.
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