Five Stars of Brookfield Academy

In pursuit of its mission, Brookfield Academy's directors, Head of School, division heads, teachers, staff, students, parents, supporters, and friends mutually pledge to embrace fully and without reservation the values represented by the Five Stars:


We believe that students are eager to learn. We try at all times to respond to this natural enthusiasm, striving for maximum intellectual development and growth in each student.


We believe in emphasizing character formation in all that we do. We motivate students to be satisfied with nothing less than their very best. We help students develop self-esteem and self-confidence and the determination to tackle and master the difficulties inherent in any worthy activity. We also seek to instill respect for others, using the Golden Rule as our standard of conduct. We stress consideration, courtesy, and good manners at all times. We offer caring guidance and support to help each student develop a sense of personal accountability.


We respect the lessons of ancient civilizations and our own country's past. We not only teach students about the forces, ideas, and people who shaped Western Civilization but also help them understand the spiritual values which underlay and animated them. Our students derive an understanding of America's heritage and are imbued with a love for its traditions of individual liberty and responsibility and a desire to perpetuate them.


We believe in telling the truth as an everyday practice, and we believe in the existence of Truth, emanating from God. We want our students to develop reverence for absolute values and a commitment to pursue the good and the true.


We believe each student is unique, bringing to life a combination of talents, abilities, interests, and experiences that are duplicated nowhere else, and whose lifelong task is to realize the potential inherent in that uniqueness. We believe in helping each student develop his or her own individuality; for it is while striving for ideals that students stretch their minds, hone their talents, stimulate their natural interests, and, in the process, learn who they are. We know such fulfillment is important for the student now and for future success in society. We want our students to respect each other, treasure personal freedom, and recognize the inescapability of personal responsibility.
An Independent College Preparatory Day School | K3 to Grade 12