Adding Calendars to Devices

 A Google account is required in order to subscribe to the Brookfield Academy shared calendar(s)

Step 1) Login to your Google account or create a Google account.

Google account sign in 
Create a Google account 

Step 2) Choose the calendar that you would like to subscribe to by highlighting that calendar's URL in the table below.  After you highlight the URL with your mouse, right click and choose copy. You can only subscribe to one shared calendar at a time. Repeat this process again if you would like to add another shared calendar.

Calendar URL for shared calendar
Brookfield Academy All School Calendar
Primary School calendar
Lower School calendar
Middle School calendar
Upper School calendar

Step 3) Open your Google calendar by clicking the app icon on the top right as shown in the image below. 

Step 4) With the Google calendar open, follow the two steps as shown in the image below. 

Step 5) Paste the url in the dialog box by first clicking in the URL dialog box then right click and choose paste. 
The URL should be pasted in the URL dialog box. Click the Add Calendar button. 

Step 6) You need to refresh your web browser by pressing the f5 key or by clicking the refresh web page icon in your web browser. After refreshing your web page you should see the new shared calendar under other calendars as shown in the image below.

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