“What does the Five Star Scholarship mean to me? Freedom - the freedom to choose the life I want for myself.”
- Promyce Johnson ’07, Milwaukee College Prep 


Since its inception in 2002, The Five Stars to Success Scholarship has provided significant financial support that has allowed qualified high school-aged students from the City of Milwaukee to attend Brookfield Academy. We are proud to say Five Star partner schools have told us it is one the finest scholarships available to their students.  
We need your help to ensure this highly respected scholarship continues to provide deserving students with access to a BA education. 
The scholarship has been largely funded through the generosity of a Milwaukee area foundation. We were recently informed the Foundation was moving in a new direction and would be ending its support. However, to ensure the program remains in place, the Foundation has issued a $300,000 challenge, part of a $1.5 million fundraising drive to establish an endowed fund that would sustain the program for many years to come.

The BA Community has already donated more than $250,000! We ask you to join us in supporting this scholarship. Your support, large or small, is essential to reaching our goal.

Will you accept this challenge?
Hear from past recipients who have benefited from this program.
The Five Stars guide the Legacy Fund, as they do in all areas of Brookfield Academy. Here is more about Brookfield Academy’s Five Star Legacy Endowment:
  • Over $11 million as of June 30, 2023
  • Annual spending from the Endowment is 3-5% of the three-year moving average of the endowment fund market values
  • Donors may establish a permanent named endowment as a tribute to a family member, faculty member, the school Mission, or general support
  • The Finance Committee of the Board manages the Endowment and works in unison with the Administration to ensure sound stewardship of each donor’s values and beliefs

Learn about Our Scholarship Funds

Scholarships provide students with financial assistance, professional development opportunities for faculty, staff, and coaches, campus enhancements, and support for Mission-based programs. Although the specific use may vary, scholarship funds have a common objective: to provide support for just one year, four years, or even one or more generations.

Academic Merit

List of 20 items.

  • Agnes and Henry Sullivan Scholars Program

    Established by Kathleen Thometz and Christina Ziino, this scholarship program, begun in 1998, consists of two $2,000 grants, named on behalf of the benefactors. The grants are awarded on the basis of a qualifying examination, financial need, strength of character, and demonstrated community service. Awards are renewable, providing a grade average of 88 or above is maintained.

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  • Ajay and Sanjay Kuttemperoor Scholarship

    Established in 2003 by Ajay and Sanjay Kuttemperoor in appreciation of the education they received at Brookfield Academy through Level 8, this fund awards $500 annually to one Middle School student who demonstrates strong academic achievement, exemplary character, participation in extracurricular activities, and financial need.

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  • Brookfield Academy Board of Directors Merit Scholarship

    Based on the results of a scholarship examination, several awards are made available each year to Academy students either currently enrolled or accepted for admission. There are four levels of funding based on the number of students who take the scholarship test: 1) Board Merit; 2) Heads A; 3) Heads B; and 4) Patriots.

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  • Constance and Harold Simmons Scholarship

    Brookfield Academy parents Connie and Harold Simmons recognized early the impact a great education would have on their children’s lives. Brookfield Academy resonated with their belief that a strong Judeo-Christian ethic would guide behavior, purpose, and action. Ultimately, their children would be challenged to reach their highest potential.

    To honor their parents' belief in the value of education, Michael Simmons ’80, Patrick Simmons ’81, and Bradley Simmons have established the Constance and Harold Simmons Scholarship. Reflecting the values of their parents, it will be awarded to a student who has a strong academic record, is a person of excellent personal character, demonstrates need, and has a willingness to seize opportunities to grow as a student and as an individual.

    This endowed scholarship will provide deserving students with the gift of a Brookfield Academy education that will have a lasting impact on their personal and professional lives. To assist a family with the cost of a BA tuition, this $5,000 scholarship will be awarded to a Middle School student who demonstrates the values of hard work, determination, and personal responsibility. Much like when the Simmonses enrolled their children at Brookfield Academy, the Constance and Harold Simmons Scholarship will ensure that future generations of students benefit from the investment in an Academy education.

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  • Dr. Narinder Sidhu Memorial Scholarship

    This scholarship was established in 1995 in memory of Dr. Narinder K. Sidhu, late wife of Dr. Paramjit Sidhu. The program provides an annual, non-renewable $1,000 merit scholarship to the top Academy student completing Level 8 who is entering the freshman class of the Upper School.

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  • Edward M. and Betty Jean Waldron Scholarship

    Brookfield Academy alumni parents Edward and Betty Jean Waldron recognized early on the importance of a great education. They saw the value of education as much broader than just the traditional classroom experience. Not only would a great education prepare students to attend the college or university of their choice, it would provide students with life-long friends, mentors, role models, and strong morals that would influence them as they moved to careers, have families, and become leaders in their church and community.  

    To honor their parent’s belief in the value of education, Michelle Waldron ‘73 Law and Peter Waldron ’78 established the Edward and Betty Jean Waldron Scholarship. Reflecting the values of their parents, it will be awarded to a student who demonstrates need, has a strong academic record, is a person of excellent personal character, and has a willingness to seize opportunities to grow as a student and as an individual. This endowed scholarship will provide a deserving student with an education that will have a lasting impact on their personal and professional lives.  

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  • Familie Nettesheim Deutsch Scholarship

    Established by alumni parents Joel and Donna Nettesheim, the Familie Nettesheim Deutsch Scholarship is awarded to students who excel in their German studies and embrace the German Culture. This non-renewable scholarship will provide 1-2 students with $1,500-$2,500 toward their tuition at Brookfield Academy.

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  • Five Stars to Success Scholarship Program

    This scholarship program, developed in 2002, is an exciting educational initiative aimed at attracting highly qualified high school students from the city of Milwaukee to Brookfield Academy. Working in partnership with central city schools, BA recruits and admits highly motivated but financially disadvantaged students who want to attend a challenging college preparatory school. This program offers full financial support for tuition, transportation, textbooks, and extracurricular and participation fees and is funded through individual, corporate, and foundation sponsorship.

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  • J. Robert Drez Scholarship

    Established by students of former Brookfield Academy teacher and administrator J. Robert Drez, a man defined by both his scholarship and his love for his students, the Drez scholarship memorializes a teacher who lived for his students by assisting more scholars to enjoy a Brookfield Academy education.

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  • Joyce Cupertino “Labor Omnia Vincit” Latin Scholarship

    Established by the family of Syed and Sara Nasar, this scholarship honors Joyce Cupertino, who has dedicated her teaching career to developing a love for Latin and the Classics in her students. She has influenced decades of eager learners to enrich their studies through extracurricular activities such as participation in the Junior Classical League. The Labor Omnia Vincit (Work Conquers All) scholarship is awarded to an Upper School student who expresses his or her keen interest in attending the National Convention and demonstrates a commitment to promote Latin.

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  • Lester H. Backhaus Global Scholar Award

    Established in 2017 by the Neff family to honor their father and grandfather Lester H. Backhaus, this award is given to a student who exhibits broad versatility, adaptability, and accomplishment. This non-renewable Award is given to a student in grades 10-12, who demonstrates oral and written proficiency in Spanish, French, or German, and is interested in current event or issue having global or multi-region impact.

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  • Nathan Hatch Honorary Award

    Established in 2020, the Nathan Hatch Honorary Award provides tuition assistance for a Brookfield Academy junior who has displayed an avid interest in the study of history but who is not a member of Rho Kappa. In the spirit of devotion to country and history, this award is named for Nathan Hatch. Hatch served as a private in the Revolutionary War for four terms and later in the War of 1812 as a member of the Silver-Grays training unit. At age 85, Hatch moved from New England to Wisconsin Territory to farm with two of his sons. Hatch is the only Revolutionary War veteran buried in Waukesha County. His grave is located in Oak Hill Cemetery, next to Brookfield Academy. The Nathan Hatch Award is a one-time, non-renewing award applied to tuition at Brookfield Academy.

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  • Rho Kappa Award-Nathan Hatch Award

    Established in 2020, the Rho Kappa Award provides financial assistance to a graduating senior who, as an active member of Rho Kappa, has demonstrated an avid personal interest in the study of history and its promotion in the community.  As per the description provided by Rho Kappa National Social Studies Society, members demonstrate the resh (head) and kapf  (palm of hand) requirements of the society, having maintained excellent academic standing and a commitment to community service. This is a one-time, non-renewing award.
  • Robert W. Pieper and Josephine Pieper Foundation City of Milwaukee Scholarship Program

    As part of its commitment to the City of Milwaukee and its residents, and in recognition of the outstanding academic program offered by Brookfield Academy, the Pieper Foundation established its program in 1989. Up to four renewable $5,000 awards are provided annually, based on residency in the City of Milwaukee, proven financial need, academic promise, an essay, and an interview.

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  • The John Probst '71 Patriotic Legacy Scholarship

    Established in 2010 by John Probst '71. As a symbol of his respect for Brookfield Academy and what it stands for, John established the John Probst '71, Patriotic Legacy Scholarship, to be awarded to the student of a military war veteran. The scholarship serves as a way to honor the men and women who serve this country, while at the same time emphasizing the importance that Brookfield Academy places on patriotism and respect for our military.

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  • The Ronald and Vicki Krizek Scholarship in Honor of David York '88

    The Ronald and Vicki Krizek Scholarship was established in 2021 to honor the legacy of Brookfield Academy Alumnus David York '88. As a student at the Academy and throughout his life, David demonstrated grit and determination in the classroom and on the field of play. He was a positive role model, a consummate leader, and a loyal friend. These were the characteristics David demonstrated on a daily basis, and the recipient of this scholarship must reflect these values. David, who passed away in the fall of 2021, left an indelible mark on all who knew him. The Ronald and Vicki Krizek Scholarship ensures his positive attitude and ethic of success lives on at the Academy.

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  • The Stowell Family Fund

    Established in 2013 by Academy grandparents Ken and Judy Stowell, the fund will provide scholarships to qualified students who are the son or daughter of active or retired military, as well as the son or daughter of a first responder. The scholarship is renewable, providing the student continues to achieve in the classroom and demonstrates exemplary character. Selection is made by a committee. The scholarship is applied to tuition.

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  • W. Stewart Davis ‘64 Memorial Scholarship for Mathematics

    Established in 2010 by the W. Stewart Davis Family, The W. Stewart Davis '64 Memorial Scholarship for Mathematics combines two of Stew's favorite things, mathematics and the Academy. The recipient of this award will exemplify the fundamental values of Brookfield Academy embodied in the Five Stars and will also demonstrate a deep love and appreciation for the beauty of mathematics. Selection of a recipient is made by committee on an annual basis.

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  • Warren Scholarship

    Established in 2018 by Alumni Parents Drs. Greg and Shobha Warren, the Warren Scholarship is awarded to students from the City of Milwaukee seeking a Brookfield Academy education. To be considered for this scholarship, students must demonstrate financial need, academic promise, and good character. The scholarship is renewable provided students continually strive to succeed.

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  • William L. and Mary Richards Law Scholarship

    As founding members of Brookfield Academy, Mr. William L. and Mrs. Mary Richards Law envisioned a school that would work in unison with families to prepare its students to cherish individual freedom and the responsibilities that were part of that freedom. At the heart of the Brookfield Academy education was a belief in the value of a strong Judeo-Christian ethic that would guide behavior, purpose, and action.  Freedom to all the Founders was a God-given right, but it also meant that each student should be challenged to reach their highest potential. Armed with the ideals at the foundation of this education, combined with the content of learning, the Academy student would graduate prepared to lead their family, have a successful career, and impact their community.

    Mr. and Mrs. Law knew an Academy education was unique and special. It had the potential to change the life of a student. In 2018, the Law Family established the William L. and Mary Richards Law Scholarship to provide a deserving student with the opportunity to receive the gift of a Brookfield Academy education. This endowed scholarship would be awarded to a student intent on realizing their God-given right to be an exemplary, free citizen and leader.

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List of 6 items.

  • Brookfield Academy Leadership Award

    Established in 2011, this award is given to individuals who demonstrate academic achievement, strong character, leadership abilities, and who participate extensively in extracurricular activities. This renewable award is applied to tuition.

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  • Susan Grunau Dragisic “Community Impact” Scholarship

    Alumni parent Susan Grunau Dragisic used to say “people don't give to causes, they give to people.” Her great tenacity, sincere love for the community, and genuine belief in giving back made her a highly respected leader in greater Milwaukee. To honor Susan’s legacy of commitment to others, in 2023, her husband John Dragisic and her daughters Jane and Kate established the Susan Grunau Dragisic “Community Impact” Scholarship. This non-renewable scholarship is awarded to an ambitious and determined Brookfield Academy female student-athlete (entering 10th-12th grade) who demonstrates academic achievement and leadership and has shown a commitment to community service.

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  • The Daniel A. Perelman '21 Scholarship

    Daniel Perelman was a curious, passionate, and talented young man, who, in addition to being an exemplary student, was also a kind human being, engaged in multiple community service activities. As a Brookfield Academy student, Daniel excelled academically and was particularly passionate about sciences. He was the leader of the Math and Chess clubs, and led the Brookfield Academy chess team to win its first ever Varsity State Championship title. Daniel was also a key member of the Certamen and Mock Trial clubs, leading the teams in winning multiple awards and recognitions over the years. Outside of school, Daniel was a Teen Ambassador for the Ronald McDonald House of Charities, volunteered his time in online ACT and SAT tutoring for underserved populations, and helped a friend teach chess in a Wauwatosa middle school. Daniel was ever the optimist, and his smile and easy-going demeanor lit up every room he entered.

    In 2023, to honor Daniel’s memory and legacy, the Perelman family established the Daniel A. Perelman ’21 Scholarship. This one-year, non-renewable scholarship will be awarded to a current Brookfield Academy Upper School student who demonstrates kindness and community service. This student should also exhibit academic excellence and passion for sciences and chess.

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  • The David M. York '88 Scholarship

    David York was a student, teammate, parent, and friend who dedicated himself to making the Academy a better place. David often said he lived his life “through the strength of my character and determination to succeed both in my personal and professional life.” With these principles as a guide, David truly was a role model in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in the community. In particular, David brought energy and joy to athletic participation, always secure in the knowledge that character and effort were the only sure ways to success. 

    In 2022, to honor his legacy, the York family established The David M. York ’88 Scholarship. This one-year scholarship will be awarded to a current or future Brookfield Academy Upper School student-athlete who through his or her actions understands that success is achieved through hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm, reflecting the attitudes and behavior David demonstrated on a daily basis.

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  • The Janet Ranta Star Memorial Scholarship

    Established in 2011 by Richard Star in memory of his wife, the fund provides a $2,500 non-renewable award to a current Brookfield Academy female student (entering 10th - 12th grade) who has a "renaissance spirit" and an interest in business, communication, and English and combines those interests with a genuine desire to help others. The award is applied to the student's Brookfield Academy tuition.

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  • The Mitchell Kohls “Star of Character” Award

    Established in memory of alumni parent Mitchell Kohls by his wife Mary and his daughters Katie, Hayley, and Madeline, the Mitchell Kohls "Star of Character" Award recognizes a student who demonstrates the following points of character: 1) Honesty, 2) Respect for oneself and others, 3) Honor, 4) Tolerance, 5) Caring for others, 6) Sticking up for what you believe in, 7) Keeping promises, and, 8) Courage under pressure. The non-renewable award will be applied to tuition.

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List of 4 items.

  • Janet Grede Jacobs “Reach for the Stars” Scholarship

    Established in memory of Mrs. Janet Grede Jacobs by her husband, Burleigh Jacobs, her family, and her friends, the Janet Grede Jacobs "Reach for the Stars" Scholarship is awarded to a student who exhibits personal integrity, leadership potential, and a strong work ethic. The $3,000 merit-based scholarship award is given to an individual who constantly strives for excellence and "to do his/her best in all he/she undertakes."

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  • Law-Davis Fund for Mission & Academics

    Established in 2022 by the families of Founders William L. Law and Walter S. Davis, the Law-Davis Fund for Mission & Academics provides resources for the William L. and Mary Richards Law Center for Mission & Academics. The Center is a testament to the legacy of respect for individual freedom and personal responsibility so important to our founding families. The Law-Davis Fund ensures this legacy remains alive and vibrant for future generations of both Academy families and the broader community.
  • The Robert E. “Bob” Solsrud Five Star Freedom Scholarship

    This scholarship was established by the BA community to honor Bob Solsrud's 45-year tenure at Brookfield Academy. Teacher, coach, athletic director, division head, volunteer, and Head of School (1993-2015), Bob's numerous contributions are an inspiration to all and serve as the basis for this award.

    This merit-based award will be given each year to one student who demonstrates a daily commitment to the leadership ideals that Bob continually sought to convey through his everyday actions in the classroom, on the athletic fields, in his volunteer activities, and administrative roles. The first scholarship will be awarded for the 2017-18 school year.

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  • William J. Grede and Margaret W. Grede Freedom Scholarship

    The Freedom Scholarship Program, established in 1994, consists of 3 one-year $1,000 awards to deserving Academy students either currently enrolled or accepted for admission. Awards are made on the basis of a scholarship application and an essay on the relation of freedom to a given topic. This program seeks to instill a lifelong understanding and appreciation for the rights and responsibilities of an individual's God-given freedom, by encouraging excellence of thought and writing in the area of human liberty.

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List of 4 items.

  • Caring Hearts Humanitarian Scholarship

    Eve Martin '80 Gonzales is the founder and CEO of Caring Hearts, Inc., a humanitarian organization dedicated to "bringing a message of hope and companionship while helping to meet the emergency need of those who are experiencing highly emotional and/or stressful times in their lives, locally, in the United States, and around the world." As a way to recognize the importance of the Five Stars in both her personal and professional life, in 2011, Mrs. Eve Martin '80 Gonzales and The Caring Hearts, Inc. Board of Directors established the Caring Hearts Humanitarian Scholarship. The goal of the Caring Hearts Humanitarian Scholarship is to provide a Brookfield Academy student who has vision, passion, and a plan for a meaningful service activity that will positively impact society with the resources to, in the words of Eve, "make it happen."

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  • Sandy Davis-Gloria Renkert Five Start Field Hockey Scholarship

    This award is given annually to a field hockey player to help defray costs associated with a summer field hockey camp. This scholarship honors long-time Academy field hockey coaches Gloria Renkert and Sandy Davis. Players interested in competing for the field hockey scholarship write an essay detailing their love of the sport and indicating their interest in a summer camp.

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  • The Amy King “Dream and Achieve” Fund

    Outstanding student, thespian, vocalist, athlete, alumna, and friend: Amy King '01 was all of these and more at Brookfield Academy. When Amy passed away in 2003, the Academy lost a truly unique member of the BA family. In 2004, the King Family established the Amy King Dream and Achieve Fund to support students who seek out opportunities to challenge themselves beyond what they thought possible, thereby emulating Amy's legacy at the Academy.

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  • The B.A.M.E. Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

    Established in 2019 by BA parents Steve and Kathy Lockwood, The B.A.M.E. Entrepreneurial Spirit Award recognizes a Level 8 student for demonstrating the characteristics and spirit of entrepreneurship through his or her work in the Middle School B.A.M.E. economic simulation program. The award will be applied directly to the winner’s freshman year tuition at Brookfield Academy’s Upper School.

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List of 3 items.

  • Patriots Heritage Fund

    Established in 2011 by parents of graduates, the Patriots Heritage Fund recognizes the lasting influence Brookfield Academy has had on their sons and daughters. The income from the fund will provide resources for the unique needs of Patriots Hall. Supporting the fund with a gift of $1,000 or more earns membership in the Patriots Heritage Society. Society members are permanently recognized for their legacy of support in Patriots Hall.

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  • Richard and Carol Bayerlein Family Foundation Fund for the Primary and Lower Schools

    The Richard and Carol Bayerlein Family Foundation Fund, established in 2002, supports the Lower School at Brookfield Academy. This fund was established to recognize Brookfield Academy for its outstanding dedication to its mission and respect for traditional American values and beliefs.

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  • The Drs. Anil and Padma Doniparthi Fund to Support Blue Knight Athletics

    Established in 2011 by Drs. Anil and Padma Doniparthi, this fund is dedicated to ensuring that BA students continue to learn the values of hard work, competition, and success through participation on a team or as an individual.

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List of 3 items.

  • Kathy Nell Fund for Faculty and Staff Recognition and Support

    In 2011, Brookfield Academy grandparent Mrs. Kathy Nell established the Kathy Nell Fund for Faculty Recognition and Support.

    Mrs. Nell believes exemplary teachers are essential to the success of Brookfield Academy; this fund rewards teachers who, in the words of Mrs. Nell, "have gone the extra mile" on behalf of the Academy mission and its students. The award will be in the form of merit pay or remuneration for a specific professional development opportunity.

    The fund is also given as a tribute to the founders of Brookfield Academy for establishing an exceptional school that "graduates students prepared for college and life, educated in the skills, values, and heritage of responsible, constructive, free people." By virtue of the example and leadership of the teachers and staff of Brookfield Academy, these students will continue to live the principles of the Five Stars in their daily actions.

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  • The Lawrence A. “Larry” Schlick Coaches Endowment Fund

    Over his 30+ year tenure at Brookfield Academy, Mr. Lawrence A. "Larry" Schlick wore many hats. He was teacher, mentor, photographer, colleague, and friend. Perhaps his greatest title, though, was "Coach." In recognition of Larry Schlick's commitment to Brookfield Academy athletics and the role coaches play in the lives of young men and women, the Academy is proud to announce the establishment of the Lawrence A. "Larry" Schlick Coaches Endowment Fund. Named in honor of a person who epitomized the Academy athletic spirit, the Lawrence A. "Larry" Schlick Coaches Endowment Fund recognizes the value of coaching and athletic participation as an important piece of the Academy mission to "prepare students for college and life."

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  • The Sharon Koenings Legacy Scholarship

    Over the course of her 43 years as a teacher and administrator, Mrs. Sharon Koenings valued the characteristics of grit, determination, courage, and personal responsibility of each BA student. A true champion of the school’s values and beliefs, Mrs. Koenings has had a profound impact on the lives of 1,000s of students and families. In honor of her commitment to the Academy, the BA community has established the Sharon Koenings Legacy Scholarship. This merit-based scholarship is given to a son or daughter of a teacher, staff, or volunteer who in the classroom and on the stage or athletic field, demonstrates the core BA values and attitudes Mrs. Koenings considered essential to a successful BA education. The first award will be made for the 2022-23 school year.

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