Fitness Center & Economics Center

BA Strong

Little did BA know when they launched the Economics-Fitness Center project in 2020, they would be building and fundraising during a world-wide pandemic. Not to be deterred, the school community responded with enthusiasm for the ambitious project. In the finest BA fashion, the $2.3 million project to convert the old weight room into state-of-the-art economics classrooms and built a 6,000 square foot all-school Fitness Center attached to the north side of Patriots Hall was raised and the classrooms and Fitness Center opened in 2021.

The Econ Center provides a magnificent classroom learning setting for our students. The Fitness Center is equally impressive, decked out in school colors and being enthusiastically used by students from all four divisions. Like all BA capital projects, even though there were offers, not one cent of government money in the form of PPP loans/grants was used for this project. It was the generosity and commitment of the BA community that ensured the successful completion of this ambitious undertaking.

The students thank all of you for your support!
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