Fitness Center & Economics Center

BA Strong: Academic and Physical Fitness
Little did BA know when they launched the Economics-Fitness Center project two years ago that they would be building and fundraising during a world-wide pandemic. Not to be deterred, the school community responded with enthusiasm for the ambitious project. In the finest BA fashion, over $2.0 million was raised toward the $2.3 million project. The school turned the existing weightroom into state-of-the-art economics classrooms and built a 6,000 square foot all-school Fitness Center attached to the north side of Patriots Hall. The three classroom Econ Center provides a magnificent classroom learning setting for our students. The Fitness Center is equally impressive, decked out in school colors and being enthusiastically used by students from all four divisions. 

Like all BA capital projects, even though there were offers, not one cent of government money in the form of PPP loans/grants was used for this project. It is the generosity and commitment of the BA community that ensure the needs of our community are met and the school remains free of outside interference. 

The students thank all of you for your support!

Patriots Hall opened in 2010 and since then, students have increasingly utilized the weight room. The facility’s capacity to serve the needs of the entire campus has far surpassed the physical space available. In addition, the weight room's physical dynamics have put significant strain on the building, adversely affecting both the flooring and the ceiling below. The school has met with builders, structural engineers, and other experts but there is simply no practical or economical solution to mitigate the problems occurring from these activities.

As a result, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce new improvements for Brookfield Academy's campus! We will be breaking ground this spring to begin an addition and renovation of Patriots Hall that will house a new fitness center and economics learning center.

Donor Recognition Opportunities

Donors of $5,000 or more will be honored on larger banners throughout the BA Fitness Center in Patriots Hall.

Thank you to our current donors:
Midwest Orthopedic
Orthopedic Institute of Wisconsin
Stier Construction
Eric, Angie, Logan, & Camden Pifel
Kaitey, Spencer, & Alessandra Kappl
Riya '24 and Raghav '26 Vijayapal
In Memory of Linda J. Priebe
John and Chris Schlagenhauf
The Simmons Family
The Harris Family
Class of 2021
Rick and Lori Star
The Ricci Family

The Malatesta Family
The Trunzo Family
The Nettesheim Family

Class of 2020
The Weiss Family
The Blanchard Family
Woodway USA, The Bayerlein Family
Chris and Natalie Kappl

The Jovic Family
A permanent Donor Wall was also installed inside of the Fitness Center.


The following plaques appear on the Fitness Center Donor Wall.
Honoring Familes

Rupesh and Smita Agrawal
Omprakash Ahuja and Deepti Kriplani
Todd and Tracy Albers
Richard and Julie Allen
Amy Ardington '78
Robert Bair
Tanvir and Samira Bajwa
Naveet Bal and Jaskiran Sandhu
Steven '69 and Barbara Bayerlein
Gordon and Jill Boucher
John Brennan and Julie Grossman '78 Brennan
Michael and Karin Buckholdt
The Cartwright Family
Anil Chandel and Monica Thakur
Jeffrey and Sandra Chang
Larry and Jeanne Cherne
Christopher Clark and Jane Dragisic '88 Clark
Doug and Betty Couillard
Sandy Davis
Shane and Tarah Davis
Jacob '95 and Nicole Dehne
Thomas and Jill Demski
John and Deena Doherty
Kenneth Dortzbach and Jennifer Kent
Kerry Doyle
John Dragisic
Derek and Amy Dysart
Brian '03 and Elizabeth Eiche 
Jane Eichstaedt '15
Paul and Julie Elfelt
Troy and Ruth Flanagan
Robert and Cynthia Fletcher
James and Jessica Foley
Jean-Rene and Alicemarie Smialek '89 Geoffrion
Jennifer Giera '12
William Gomilla
Maciej Gorniak and Wende Fedder-Gorniak
Patrick and Beth Griffin
Merilyn Grossman
Michael and Kristine Guest
Robert and Kristin Hieb
Michael Hoggatt '20
Scott and Judy Hoggatt
Amy Holzgrafe '78
Jeff and Ginny Jacob
Kurt and Kari Janavitz
Joel and Carrie Jensen
Miroslav and Bosiljka Jovic
Kevin and Lori Weisflog '89 Kaari
Michael and Kara Kaiser
Jonathan and Melissa Koenig
Richard and Sharon Koenings
Douglas and Wendy Kolasinski
Jonathan and Andrea Kraus
Krishna and Vasavi Kumar
Thomas and Carmela Kustner
Hung-Jui Lai and Xuening Zhao
Charles Li and Karen Jin
Ricardo and Janett Li
Steve and Katharine Lockwood
Daniel Manke and Catherine Lee
David and Donna Marks
Thomas and Amy Marshall
John and Kara McElligott
Rimas and Karen Milaitis
Erik Milsch and Antje Kroner-Milsch
David Murray
Christopher Ocampo and Iris Kassem
Emily Papara
Nishant and Nisha Pillai
Steven V. and Mary Ponto
Howard '71 and Linda Gentile '73 Pryor
Joel and Noelle Przybilla
Abhishek and Kirthi Pulakanti
Katie Rice '08
Ronald and Anita Roessler 
Lawrence and Shawn Rogutich
Rodney and Stephanie Rushing
Theodore and Julia Sarnowski
Michael '80 and Nancy Schlick
Daniel Schmidt
Steven and Rachel Schoenwetter
William and Katherine Schoyer
Saumil and Aparna Shah
Kirill and Evgenia Shalyaev
Alex and Susan Simic
Tejwant Singh and Kanwardeep Kaur
William and Sarah Slaughter
Jason and Heather Smith
Bob and Karen Solsrud
Nicholas and Briana Spaeth
John and Roxanne Suson
Uma Thiru
Harold and Sandra Thomas
Sheldon and Kristi Thompson
Li Tian and Kathryn Wang
Jeffrey and Jessée Tomchek
Brian and Sue Ann Toy
Sean and Tammy Tracy
Bryant and Erin VanCronkhite
Narendra Babu Veerapaneni and Hema Kamthamneni
Aravind and Shireesha Vijayapal
David and Jennifer Wareham
James and Aimee Nolasco '87 Weiner
Ronald and Gloria Weisflog
Merrick and Barbara Wells
Daniel and Kathleen Wichser
Brad and Kris Wilson
John and Lisa Wilson
Nicholas and Rebecca Wilson
Merrill and Mary York
David '88 and Deborah York
Karyn Youso
Min Yu and Yuyue He
James and Erika Zaiser
Edward Zaleski and Kristi Coleman
Hongsheng and Jessica Zhu
Honoring Coaches, Teams, and Teachers
Coach Kerri Simmons - 2018-2021 MS Girls Basketball
Coach Jeff Jones - 2018-2021 MS Girls Basketball
Coach Lee Rogers - US Boys and Girls Varsity Soccer
Coach Rackovan
Coach Katie Schlosser
Coach Bob Solsrud
1st A.B.E./B.A. Coaches 1967-1971
Coach Tricia Casper
Coach Pat Clarey
Coach Doug Couillard
Coach Anthony Gillham
Coaches Chris and Matt - Level 8 Boys Basketball
Coach Josh Mahnke - Level 6 Boys Basketball
Coach Joel Przybilla - Level 8 Boys Basketball
Coach Tom Demski - Level 8 Boys Basketball
Coach Christian Arvold - JV2
Coach Eric Weiss - Level 6 Boys Basketball
Coach Dan Schmidt - Level 6 Boys Basketball
Coach Pete Cobb - Level 6 Boys Basketball
Coach Mel-  JV1 Basketball

2024 and 2028 Boys Basketball
BA Girls Basketball
BA Girls Volleyball

Elaine Buckley
Jim Homan
Fred Urbanski
Doug Couillard
Emile DeFelice
Larry Schlick
Mr. Diulus
Bruce Ludwig
The total cost of the Fitness Center/Economics Learning Center project includes all building costs, site preparation
(including moving a service road), architectural fees, and contingency costs. 

We have raised $2.0 million of our $2.3 million goal.
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Please contact Dr. Larry Pesch, Executive Director of Advancement, to learn more about this project.
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