Annual Giving

The 2020-21 Annual Fund drive is underway! 
Students come first! Every dollar contributed goes directly to projects benefiting students.

Honorariums & Memorials

In Honor of Middle School Faculty and Staff
Monica Hughes

In Honor of Caroline and Charlotte Gale
Henry and Barbara Gale

In Honor of The Class of 2021
Nick and Briana Spaeth

In Honor of Addison and Brylon Albers
Richard and Darlene Albers

In Honor of Annette Gohlke
Mike and Kara Kaiser

In Honor of Alexis Wilson
James and Catherine Wilson

In Honor of Kurt and Kari Janavitz
Kurt and Kari Janavitz

In Honor of Anne Jagielo Baldwin
Julie Valencia

In Honor of Brookfield Academy Faculty and Staff
Troy and Ruth Flanagan

In Honor of Kelly Schuppner
Claire Schuppner

In Honor of Bob Solsrud
Judith Lindahl
In Honor of W. Dennis Foley, MD
James and Jessica Foley

In Honor of Alexandra and Bridgette Youso
Kenneth and Madeleine Gimbel

In Honor of Charlotte and Caroline Gale
Victoria Frank

In Honor of Siena Wyderka, Level A
Julie Fraundorf

In Honor of Brookfield Academy Athletic Department
Daniel & Caroline Tyson

In Honor of Julie D'Arruda '90
Jeff & Katie Zeiler

In Honor of Molly & Ellie Zimmermann
Dianne Arndorfer

In Honor of Jean Schindler
Arbind Agrawala and Ritu Jain

In Honor of Xavier Nye
Ronald and Charlotte Nye

In Honor of Jane O'Leary
Matt and Sarah Pancheri

In Honor of Debi Schickert
Bryant and Erin VanCronkhite
In Honor of Brigid Novacek '90
Bryant and Erin VanCronkhite

In Honor of Linda Pryor '73
Angel Lafferty

In Honor of Amy Eggert '81
Angel Lafferty

In Memory of William B and Lucille Smeeth
Angel Lafferty

In Honor of the Five Stars to Success Scholars
Larry and Eileen Pesch

In Honor of Dan and Barb Davis
Stephen and Mary Davis '03 Fenelon

In Honor of Gabriella and Adrian Bellido
Gabriel Bellido and Delia Noblecilla

In Honor of Kieran and Kensi Kler
Rashpal Kler and Nomin Batsaikhan

In Honor of Madison Larson-Rolf '12
Kent Larson and Pati Rolf

In Honor of Dr. Kevin King, DDS
Sara Wilson Class of 2023

In Honor of Alexandra Prange
Phillip and Alison Prange

In Memory of Larry Schlick
Pat Schlick

In Honor of Laurette Blanchard

Ralph and Judith Morello

In Honor of Ryan Campbell Class of 2022
Keith and Michelle Campbell

In Honor of Nyle Kardatzke
Bob and Karen Solsrud

In Honor of Alexander Li
Shi-Jiang Li and Barbara Liu

In Honor of Sandy Davis
Randall Sitzberger and Cynthia Davis '98

In Memory of Dr. H. Franklin Grunske
Dr. Andrew Kim and Dr. Laurie Grunske

In Memory of Micah Daniel Wong '13
Suey and Patricia Wong

In Memory of Bjorn Norderhaug '13
Suey and Patricia Wong

In Honor of of Paige Hammond '14
Kathy Nell

In Honor of Kendell Hammond '19
Kathy Nell

Online Giving Day Recap

The response from the BA community for Online Giving Day was fantastic! Because of your generosity, we raised more than $70,000 for the benefit of all our students! This is more than double the amount donated last year! An enormous quantity of food, clothing, and household items were also received for the Hope Center, Waukesha County Food Pantry, and the ACTS housing project. Brookfield Academy and the community are blessed to have your support. 

Even though Giving Day is now passed, BA will continue to accept your generous donations all year. The Annual Fund does not close until June of 2021 and our students still have needs beyond what was raised this past week.
It’s no coincidence that Brookfield Academy’s Mission and philosophy honor the words of our nation’s founding fathers.
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
- Declaration of Independence
Freedom and independence serve as the underpinnings of our Annual Giving campaign. It was our founders’ intent to create an independent school and follow the Mission to educate students in the skills, values, and heritage of responsible, constructive, free people.
A commitment to Brookfield Academy’s Annual Giving campaign is a commitment to preserve the ideals of the Academy.

Together, with your support, Brookfield Academy is looking to improve campus health and safety, make classroom improvements in all divisions, address needs in Fine Arts and Athletics, provide scholarship opportunities for deserving students, and much more!
Annual Giving comes in many forms. 
You may designate your gift to:

• Annual Fund
• Scholarships
• Endowments
Contributions to the 2020-21 Annual Fund benefit projects such as:
Special Thanks to Our Level Leaders!

Our Annual Fund Level Leaders worked diligently on behalf of this year’s drive.

As part of their efforts, they will continue to send follow-up appeals as they strive to achieve 100% participation in each Level. Our Level Leaders are passionate about the Fund and they have seen the positive impact of the capital improvements on our scholars' experience and learning environment.

As you receive Level Leader appeals, please remember that without their stewardship, our campaign would not be as successful or engaging.

Primary School Level Leaders:
Level B: Paul and Julie Dieck/Level 1: Tarah and Shane Davis/Level 2: Gordie and Jill Boucher

Lower School Level Leaders:
Level 3: Brian and Elizabeth Eiche/Level 4: Amy and Peter Keppler/Level 5: Heather and Jason Smith

Middle School Level Leaders:
Level 6: Lisa and Ken Schuppner/Level 7: Arturo and Maria Hernandez/Level 8: Brooke and Kevin Erlinder

Upper School Level Leaders:
Level 9: Jill and Tom Demski/Level 10: Laura and Peter Johnson/Level 11: Ken Dortzbach and Jennie Kent/Level 12: Mona and David Zignego
Do you have an update or improvement you’d like to recommend? Please share your suggestions by contacting Peter Grossman in the Advancement Office.
Every applicant who has a chance of working his or her way through the Academy should have that chance. 
- Founder, Walter S. Davis
An Independent College Preparatory Day School | K3 to Grade 12