Annual Giving

The 2023-24 Annual Fund Drive is Underway

Students come first! Every dollar contributed goes directly to projects benefiting students.
Brookfield Academy never has, and never will, accept subsidies or grants from any governing body. This unique, disciplined fiscal policy allows our school to thrive as an independent and free institution. Since its inception in 1962, tuition has always covered everyday operating expenses, and Annual Giving has covered all other capital needs. Every dollar donated to the Annual Fund goes directly to projects which benefit and enhance each student’s educational experience.  

Brookfield Academy holds to the same standards of personal responsibility and self-reliance as we expect of our students. A gift to Brookfield Academy is an investment in our students of today and in the ideals of Brookfield Academy for the benefit of our students of tomorrow.

2023-24 Annual Fund Projects

Liberty Hall: Classroom and hallway renovations
Constitution Hall: New flooring, classroom improvements, full playground upgrade
Independence Hall: Drinking fountains
Freedom Hall: Locker room upgrade and improvements, gym sound proofing, carpet and flooring installation   
Patriots Hall: Interactive classroom display boards, installation of the Alumni Athletic Wall of Fame, East/West stairwell decoration, College Office furniture 
Security: Complete installation of safety glass, upgrade of communication system
Maintenance: Installation of back-up generator
Founders Hall: Volunteer room remodel

Scholarships provide students with financial assistance, professional development opportunities for faculty, staff, and coaches, campus enhancements, and support for Mission-based programs. 

Accept the Challenge

Exciting news! An anonymous donor has challenged the BA community to raise funds for the Five Stars to Success Scholarship program. This is a 1:4 challenge, meaning that they will contribute one dollar for every four dollars raised. For example, a donation of $100 will become a donation of $125. The challenge has been established for an 18-month period, and the donor will contribute up to $300,000 for the Five Stars to Success Scholarship. 
The Five Stars to Success Scholarship program provides access to a BA education for many worthy students. Hear from past recipients who have benefited from this program here.

Will you accept this challenge?

The Annual Fund Report

Other Ways to Give

Corporate Matching Programs
A great way to increase the power of your annual giving is through corporate matching programs. Many employers offer charitable matching programs, often matching dollar for dollar, or even tripling your gift! Contact your employer today and be sure to use our full legal name, The Academy of Basic Education, Inc. to see if you are eligible to apply.
A.B.E. Club
The A.B.E. Club is a monthly giving club which allows you to contribute automatically to the Annual Fund, Scholarships, or other areas directed by you. Membership in the A.B.E. Club allows you to provide our students with all they need to succeed and helps ensure the success of BA for years to come. 

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