Annual Giving

The 2021-22 Annual Fund Drive is Underway

Students come first! Every dollar contributed goes directly to projects benefiting students.
Brookfield Academy never has, and never will, accept subsidies or grants from any governing body. This unique, disciplined fiscal policy allows our school to thrive as an independent and free institution. Since its inception in 1962, tuition has always covered everyday operating expenses, and Annual Giving has covered all other capital needs. Every dollar donated to the Annual Fund goes directly to projects which benefit and enhance each student’s educational experience.  

Brookfield Academy holds to the same standards of personal responsibility and self-reliance as we expect of our students. A gift to Brookfield Academy is an investment in our students of today and in the ideals of Brookfield Academy for the benefit of our students of tomorrow.

Learning Together, Giving Together

Giving Donitis . . . a common condition




Division/Level Competition

We've started a friendly competition between all Levels. From now until December 10, we’d like to see which Levels can achieve the highest participation in Annual Fund donations.
The students in the Division (PS/LS/MS/US) with the highest percentage participation will receive a dress down day. The students in the Level with the highest percentage participation in each Division will receive donuts!

The Primary School has earned a dress down day! Mr. Raney and Ms. Schwartz will decide on a special date.

Level 1 - 57%, Level 4 - 53%, Level 6 - 56%, Level 10 - 39%
Each of these level have earned a donut day!

Even though the giving competitions have wrapped up, the students of BA still need your help! Your thoughtful donations this year go to support the arts, library needs, renovations in the Primary School, athletics, and much more. Thank you for your participation!
Contributions to the 2021-22 Annual Fund include projects such as:
An Independent College Preparatory Day School | K3 to Grade 12