Performing & Visual Arts

The Arts Are Alive at Brookfield Academy!

Students of all ages and abilities love to participate in music, drama and art. This is certainly true at Brookfield Academy. From Pre-K through High School, our Fine Arts teachers provide a fun, supportive, nurturing place for students to explore their creativity.

Fine Arts - Music Department

Music can make a powerful contribution to the educational development of a child. It is a unique form of communication that can change the way a student thinks, feels, and acts. Evidence suggests that for children to get the most out of music education it needs to be enjoyable, challenging, and achievable.

At Brookfield Academy, our Music Programs compliment academic success through the active processes of listening, composing, and performing while increasing self-esteem, responsibility, team work, cooperation, and social skills.

When our students learn to read, write, perform, and appreciate music, they are also learning to listen, interpret, and problem solve. The various musical compositions and styles we study introduce elements of history as well.

There is also a foreign language component to our music classes and presentations. For the youngest scholars, this includes Spanish; for the older ones, it is French. Every aspect of our music education compliments the overall educational experience for students.

Fine Arts - Visual Arts

The ultimate goal of our Visual Arts Program at Brookfield Academy is to create a learning environment that is inclusive and stimulating. This positive classroom environment goes a long way toward motivating our students as individuals and as artists.

Students realize the importance of embracing a strong work ethic, which is as necessary when creating art as it is in all of their classes and course work. It requires discipline, analytical and creative thinking, intuition, and caring.  Students become comfortable with the process of creative thinking by developing new ways of looking at things or changing the way another person looks at something.

Students who develop creative skills through art education will use those creative skills in whatever path they choose in life. Students who are aware of the full range of possibilities in art, and enjoy exploring them, will learn and grow in unique and powerful ways.

The following images include several pieces of student artwork that have received 2017 - 2018 Scholastic Art Awards.

To see additional works of art click here.

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Scholastic Art Awards 2017-18 1

Scholastic Art Awards 2017-18 2

Scholastic Art Awards 2017-18 3

Scholastic Art Awards 2017-18 4


Fine Arts - Drama

Creativity, collaboration and confidence highlight the learning experience for our eager student actors.  Directors of our Drama Program compliment our student actors for their courage, dedication, and commitment to the theatrical process.

As individual actors and members of an ensemble cast, Brookfield Academy students approach their roles in the same way they approach their academics. They use their personal gifts fully and generously, and reach for the stars - all the while supporting their fellow cast members.

A talented and emerging "Technical Theatre Team" at Brookfield Academy also gives students an opportunity to gain expertise in backstage production techniques like lighting, special effects, audio, props, etc. as they make a valuable contribution to successful theatre productions.

Brookfield Academy's Fine Arts Program has produced brilliant results.  Sold out performances of the annual spring musical, fine arts shows that display the award-winning works of talented visual artists in all three divisions, and enchanting choral concerts are all part of a program that offers students the opportunity to challenge, grow and stretch themselves in ways that will positively impact them in the future.

Brookfield Academy is excited to discover and develop the creative artist that lies within each and every child, and provide performing arts memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.