Text Books

Upper School Textbooks

Upper School students must purchase their own textbooks.

Required Upper School texts for 2018 - 2019.

Upper School Summer 2018 reading list.

Books may be purchased through our official online bookstore, MBS Direct or from a vendor of your choice. (More info on using MBS Direct.) Please order books in time for the first day of school.

Used books for sale by Brookfield Academy students are posted on the bulletin board in Patriots Hall student cafeteria. Students may post books for sale using the forms provided in the Upper School Office. This bulletin board is available June through August.

Lower School and Middle School Textbooks

All textbooks, novels, and learning materials used by the Lower and Middle School students are distributed by the teachers in the classroom. There are no additional fees for these books.

Parents wishing to purchase an extra set of textbooks for home use during the summer or during the school year can often find used copies at online vendors, such as Amazon.com. Textbook titles and ISBN numbers are provided on the lists below.

Level 6 textbook list 2016-17

Level 7 textbook list 2016-17

Level 8 textbook list 2016-17

Middle School Textbook Resale Form