Quotes from Students, Parents and Faculty

On the Five Stars (In General)

"We selected BA not only for its outstanding academic curriculum, but also for its values represented by the Five Stars. We feel that these values are the foundation for our children's development as intelligent, responsible, and moral adults."

- Bela Chand, parent

"Our family values Brookfield Academy's founding philosophy expressed through the Five Stars [of Character, Truth, Intellect, Heritage and Individuality]. These virtues are integral to the success the entire BA community clearly enjoys. Parents, teachers, staff, students, and families all benefit from the discipline and strength these concepts convey."

- Barbara Wells, parent

"The Five Stars make up the foundation of a world-class education - like solid bricks used to build a house, they are the basis for BA as [the school] prepares students for college."

- Cristina Zeppos, Upper School senior

"What I like about the Five Stars is if you put them all together, you will live a wonderful life."

- Ella Wareham, Lower School student

"Just as stars guided explorers on their journeys years ago, BA's Five Stars guide us as teachers and students on our journey of learning."

- Jane O'Leary, Lower School teacher

"BA students are diverse in all aspects except for their values. Students live and exemplify the Five Stars every day."

- Naheed Bleecker, parent

"The students at Brookfield Academy come from varied social, ethnic, and cultural heritages. Yet all are united by a desire to learn and succeed. They have the Five Stars in front of them for inspiration."

- Ruth Osier, Upper School Latin teacher


"Character means showing kindness and respect."

- Joshua Hoggatt, Lower School student

"Character means helping others."

- Aditya Gopal, Lower School student

"Brookfield Academy has taught me that character isn't true unless it is genuine."

- Mark Bechthold, Lower School student

"At Brookfield Academy, all of us share kindness and respect to others."

- Aspyn Koslowski, Lower School student

"Character is about being honest when no one is around and being kind when you are not told to be."

- Nicky Steigerwaldt, Lower School student


"At Brookfield Academy, we learn that there are facts that are absolute truths in this world."

- Anika Washburn, Lower School student


"I use intellect to help me listen and learn."

- Matthew Poker, Lower School student

"True intellect is how well you use the knowledge you have gained."

- Clare McCoy, Lower School student

"Intellect is the power of knowledge."

- Zoha Aman, Lower School student

"Intellect is the capacity of knowing and using your knowledge in a thoughtful way."

- Srimayi Mylavarapu, Lower School student

"The teachers at Brookfield Academy don't just give us knowledge; they try to teach us how to use if for life."

- Grace Eimerman, Lower School student

"At Brookfield Academy our intellect grows more and more each day. This is important because I will use it for my whole life."

- Sarah Filby, Lower School student

"BA offers that rare opportunity for the eager student: the more one learns, the more opportunity there is to seek and attain more knowledge."

- Naheed Bleecker, parent


"At Brookfield Academy we study heritage. It is like the truth because it cannot be changed, but we can become part of it for others in the future."

- Zoe Booth, Lower School student


"Individuality means that you don't want to be like anybody else but yourself."

- Erina Weiss, Lower School student

"Individuality means doing something on your own. It means taking risks."

- Genevieve Kopp, Lower School student

"Being a student at Brookfield Academy has taught me how to shine and be who I am."

- Jeremy King, Lower School student

"Brookfield Academy has helped me to be myself; to please God in my actions and my words."

- Liam Matthews, Lower School student

"Every school preaches about individuality, but BA takes it to heart and supports an environment where it can thrive."

- Jenna Sportiello, Upper School student


On Brookfield Academy Mission and Philosophy

"Valuing education is clearly the highest priority for BA families. They know it is the best investment they can make for their child."

- Naheed Bleecker, parent

"We appreciate the unique practice of established school prayers and annual all-school themes of integrity which are recognized as meaningful to all the BA community."

- Barbara Wells, parent

"Brookfield Academy is a unique blend of high academic standards and caring, personal character education."

- David Urbanski, alum, Middle School teacher, and parent

"Teachers love coming to work. Students love coming to learn. This is what education is supposed to be."

- David Urbanski, alum, Middle School teacher, and parent

"No student falls through the cracks."

- Cindy Reiske, Lower School teacher


On Brookfield Academy's Campus

"We enjoy the beauty and quality of Brookfield Academy's campus and facilities."

- Barbara Wells, parent

On Brookfield Academy's Size (Enrollment)

"The smaller size of the student community provides for a safe and comfortable environment conducive to learning, sporting, and club interests as well as building meaningful friendships."

- Barbara Wells, parent

"I enjoy the teacher-to-student ratio at BA; it allows me to get to know each of my students quite well."

- Dr. Paul Frazier, Upper School history teacher

"Each student is known and nurtured in a caring environment. The sense of family permeates the BA community. Teachers, administrators, parents, and students are all on the same team."

- Janet Kenny, Middle School math teacher

"The small class size helps me get to know each child at such a significant level both academically and emotionally. We become family."

- Jane O'Leary, Lower School teacher

On Brookfield Academy's Faculty (In General)

"The teachers and staff at Brookfield Academy are genuinely interested in the development of the whole person as they relate to each student. They model their dedication with a consistent exchange of expectations and mutual respect. Students are motivated and guided to set and achieve their goals."

- Barbara Wells, parent

"We have never known so many teachers who are both experts in their academic fields and loving mentors to the students. Each and every one of them challenges, encourages, and enlightens; they are wonderful role models to whom we are so very grateful as we entrust our children to them each day."

- Mary Dooley, parent

"The teachers at BA are as dedicated to my children's success as I am. I rely on them to challenge and encourage my children."

- Naheed Bleecker, parent

"Brookfield Academy has a wonderful team of teachers who work together in the best interest of the students. All my colleagues are professionals, experts in their fields with a passion for teaching children."

- Janet Kenny, Middle School math teacher

"High expectations in academics and character development make Brookfield Academy a fun place to teach."

- Cindy Reiske, Lower School teacher

"My children's teachers are professional, compassionate, and stretch each child as a learner."

- Rose Pankow, parent and Lower School teacher

On Brookfield Academy's Curriculum (In General)

"Brookfield Academy's solid curriculum is both traditional and intellectually stimulating. It exposes students to classic subjects while challenging them to critically recognize the significance of their education within our world today."

- Barbara Wells, parent (Upper School)

"We love the Brookfield Academy curriculum, which not only teaches our children the truth and beauty of each subject, but also teaches them how to reason and how to learn. They read great literature and study history as it really happened, not as it has been revised through the lens of social and political trends."

- Mary Dooley, parent (Middle and Upper Schools)

"Teachers at BA have the ability to form a program of study which reflects real learning. We do not have to follow a curriculum established by an outside entity. We have the freedom to really teach a subject."

- Ruth Osier, Upper School Latin teacher

Lower School - Assembly

"Mornings around the flagpole set the tone for the day. How can you improve on a daily dose of 'kindness and respect'?"

- Polly Simonsen, Lower School teacher

Lower School - Curriculum

"BA offers an outstanding academic curriculum and instills a firm grasp of the basic fundamentals, especially in math, English usage, and reading. These skills are invaluable later in the Middle and Upper schools."

- Bela Chand, parent

"The curriculum can't be beat! It is thorough, thoughtful, and effective. It is a joy to teach from and one of the big reasons our students learn so much and so well."

- Jane O'Leary, Lower School teacher

"Substantial, enduring subject matter, unaffected by swings in popular fads in education, is what BA serves up."

- Polly Simonsen, Lower School teacher

Lower School -Teachers

"The teachers at BA are caring, dedicated individuals and we have the utmost trust and confidence in their teaching abilities."

- Bela Chand, parent

Lower School -Students

"At BA, it is cool to study, to learn, to do well academically."

"At BA, the peer pressure is to do what's right. To study. To do homework. To respect teachers. To respect education."

- Polly Simonsen, Lower School teacher

"Making friends from various backgrounds gives students just a taste of global experience."

- Cindy Reiske, Lower School teacher

Middle School - Curriculum

"Our curriculum is challenging, yet teachers are there to support students along the way. Academic opportunity abounds at Brookfield Academy."

- Janet Kenny, Middle School teacher

Middle School - Teachers

"I hope I love my future career as much as the BA teachers seem to love their careers!"

- Kristen Boucher, Middle School student

Middle School -Extracurriculars

"So far, I've participated in field hockey and track. This spring, I am choosing to play soccer. I love having so many choices."

- Kristen Boucher, Middle School student

"A complete and well-rounded offering of extracurriculars makes it difficult to choose! The coaches and club moderators continue the mentoring and character-building outside the classroom as the students engage in sports, service, culture, and the arts. There really is something for everyone and the kids are not only welcomed, but encouraged to participate."

- Mary Dooley, parent

Upper School - Curriculum

"The small classes allow teachers and students to get to know each other well as people, so kids can be comfortable asking for help."

- Mahalia Sobhani, Upper School student

"With its college preparatory curriculum, Brookfield Academy offers me a chance to acquire the abilities necessary to excel and become a leader in the future."

- Garrett McElligott, Upper School student

"The classes I took at BA were challenging, but really helped me prepare for college. I love all the history classes."

- Cristina Zeppos, Upper School student

"Students are held to high expectations in behavior, attitude, dress, and academic effort. My children like being in this type of environment."

- Jacque Frohwirth, parent

"I enjoy our increasingly diverse student body; this brings an added element and perspective to the classroom."

- Dr. Paul Frazier, Upper School history teacher

Upper School -Teachers

"The efforts of students and teachers produce an atmosphere in which knowledge is shared among peers."

- Garrett McElligott, Upper School student

"Over the years I've worked at a variety of schools both secondary and post-secondary - without a doubt the faculty and staff at BA are by far the most professional, accomplished, and experienced. The teachers here have taught me how to be a better teacher."

- Dr. Paul Frazier, Upper School history teacher

"The teachers are great. They offer their help anytime you need it and they are friendly about it."

- Zach Kolasinski, Upper School student

"Teaching here is a joy. Students rise to challenges and provide challenging questions for me…making my job interesting and fun. I love coming to school-every day is new and different."

- Ruth Osier, Upper School Latin teacher

"I am overwhelmed by how much my teachers care about their students and by how involved they are."

- Jenna Sportiello, Upper School student

"The teachers make the real difference at BA. Helpful in so many ways, the teachers at BA really teach."

- Cristina Zeppos, Upper School student

Upper School -Extracurriculars

"There's a variety of clubs and sports, from a cappella and mythology to basketball and fencing, so there's a place for everybody."

- Mahalia Sobhani, Upper School student

"I learned a lot in my classes, but my time on the volleyball and basketball court helped me grow and mature."

- Cristina Zeppos, Upper School student

"I am astounded by the number of activities my students are involved in besides the daily learning…[they are] stars in school musicals and plays, champion swimmers, world travelers, fencers, musicians, three-sport athletes, club officers, chess team members, Academic Decathlon competitors, and on and on."

- Ruth Osier, Upper School Latin teacher

Why BA?

"I was looking for a school that teaches solid curriculum through the classics. I found it at Brookfield Academy."

- Rose Pankow, parent and Lower School teacher

"If my husband and I ever discuss moving to a new home, the very first comment from the children is, 'As long as we still get to go to Brookfield Academy.'"

- Rose Pankow, parent and Lower School teacher

"Every year it becomes more clear to me why my parents came to work at BA in its beginnings, why they sent me, why I have come back to teach here, and why my own children now attend. There is simply nothing like it."

- David Urbanski, alum, Middle School teacher, and parent

"We chose BA for our family for its reputation as a college prep school, for its excellent academic curriculum, and for its philosophy of the Five Stars. We feel these factors are invaluable for our children's overall development as well-adjusted citizens of the world. This, together with its outstanding administrative and academic staff truly makes BA the best choice for us."

- Bela Chand, parent

"Our children have been in other schools over the years, and in BA we found the best combination of academic excellence and character formation. BA forms the whole person - intellectual, moral, and physical - in a positive and caring environment which also fosters individual social responsibility."

- Mary Dooley, parent