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Yearly Scholarships

Yearly scholarships provide students with tuition assistance. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of both need and merit. All students interested in competing for yearly scholarships must take the annual scholarship test.

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  • Brookfield Academy Board of Directors Merit Scholarships

    Based on the results of a scholarship examination, several awards are made available each year to Academy students either currently enrolled or accepted for admission. There are four levels of funding based on the number of students who take the scholarship test: 1) Board Merit; 2) Heads A; 3) Heads B; and 4) Patriots.
  • Lester H. Backhaus Global Scholar Award

    Established in 2017 by the Neff family to honor their father and grandfather Lester H. Backhaus, this award is given to a student who exhibits broad versatility, adaptability, and accomplishment. This non-renewable Award is given to a student in grades 10-12, who demonstrates oral and written proficiency in Spanish, French, or German, and is interested in current event or issue having global or multi-region impact.
  • The B.A.M.E. Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

    Established in 2019 by BA parents Steve and Kathy Lockwood, The B.A.M.E. Entrepreneurial Spirit Award recognizes a Level 8 student for demonstrating the characteristics and spirit of entrepreneurship through his or her work in the Middle School B.A.M.E. economic simulation program. The award will be applied directly to the winner’s freshman year tuition at Brookfield Academy’s Upper School.
  • Brookfield Academy Leadership Award

    Established in 2011, this need-based award is given to individuals who demonstrate academic achievement, strong character, leadership abilities, and who participate extensively in extra-curricular activities. This renewable award is applied to tuition.
  • Five Stars to Success Scholarship Program

    This scholarship program, developed in 2002, is an exciting educational initiative aimed at attracting highly qualified high school students from the city of Milwaukee to Brookfield Academy. Working in partnership with central city schools, BA recruits and admits highly motivated but financially disadvantaged students who want to attend a challenging college preparatory school. This program offers full financial support for tuition, transportation, textbooks, and extracurricular and participation fees and is funded through individual, corporate, and foundation sponsorship.
  • The Sharon Koenings Legacy Award

    Over the course of her 43 years as a teacher and administrator, Mrs. Sharon Koenings valued the characteristics of grit, determination, courage, and personal responsibility of each BA student. A true champion of the school’s values and beliefs, Mrs. Koenings has had a profound impact on the lives of 1,000s of students and families. In honor of her commitment to the Academy, the BA community has established the Sharon Koenings Legacy Scholarship. This merit-based scholarship is given to a son or daughter of a teacher, staff, or volunteer who in the classroom and on the stage or athletic field, demonstrates the core BA values and attitudes Mrs. Koenings considered essential to a successful BA education. The first award will be made for the 2022-23 school year. 
  • Milwaukee Foundation Ronald and Marjorie Krizek Family Fund Scholarship

    Established in 1995, this $3,000 scholarship is awarded based on need to an individual who demonstrates academic achievement and resides in Waukesha or Milwaukee County, exhibits strength of character, and has demonstrated leadership skills through extracurricular activities.
  • The William L. Law Award for Economic Excellence

    The Robert W. and Josephine Pieper Foundation, in memory of Foundation Director Bill Law and his love of economics, established the William L. Law Award for Economic Excellence in 2003. The annual $1,000 award is presented at graduation to the Brookfield Academy senior demonstrating the greatest passion for the study of economics. Award winners are selected by a committee.
  • Rho Kappa Award-Nathan Hatch Awards

    Rho Kappa Award-Nathan Hatch Awards
    Established in 2020, the Rho Kappa Award provides financial assistance to a graduating senior who, as an active member of Rho Kappa, and has demonstrated an avid personal interest in the study of history and its promotion in the community.   As per the description provided by Rho Kappa National Social Studies Society, members demonstrate the resh (head) and kapf  (palm of hand) requirements of the society, having maintained excellent academic standing and a commitment to community service.  This is a one-time, non-renewing award.
    Nathan Hatch Honorary Award
    Established in 2020, the Nathan Hatch Honorary Award provides tuition assistance for a Brookfield Academy junior who has displayed an avid interest in the study of history but who is not a member of Rho Kappa. In the spirit of devotion to country and history, this award is named for Nathan Hatch.  Hatch served as a private in the Revolutionary War for four terms and later in the War of 1812 as a member of the Silver-Grays training unit.  At age 85, Hatch moved from New England to Wisconsin Territory to farm with two of his sons.  Hatch is the only Revolutionary War veteran buried in Waukesha County.  His grave is located in Oak Hill Cemetery, next to Brookfield Academy.  The Nathan Hatch Award is a one-time, non-renewing award applied to tuition at Brookfield Academy.
  • Robert W. Pieper and Josephine Pieper Foundation City of Milwaukee Scholarship Program

    As part of its commitment to the City of Milwaukee and its residents, and in recognition of the outstanding academic program offered by Brookfield Academy, the Pieper Foundation established its program in 1989. Up to four renewable $5,000 awards are provided annually, based on residency in the City of Milwaukee, proven financial need, academic promise, an essay, and an interview.
  • Sandy Davis-Gloria Renkert Five Star Field Hockey Scholarship

    This award is given annually to a field hockey player to help defray costs associated with a summer field hockey camp. This scholarship honors long-time Academy field hockey coaches Gloria Renkert and Sandy Davis. Players interested in competing for the field hockey scholarship write an essay detailing their love of the sport and indicating their interest in a summer camp.
  • Joyce Cupertino "Labor Omnia Vincit" Latin Scholarship

    Established by the family of Syed and Sara Nasar, this scholarship honors Joyce Cupertino, who has dedicated her teaching career to developing a love for Latin and the Classics in her students. She has influenced decades of eager learners to enrich their studies through extracurricular activities such as participation in the Junior Classical League. The Labor Omnia Vincit (Work Conquers All) scholarship is awarded to an Upper School student who expresses his or her keen interest in attending the National Convention and demonstrates a commitment to promote Latin.
  • Familie Nettesheim Deutsch Scholarship

    Established by alumni parents Joel and Donna Nettesheim, the Familie Nettesheim Deutsch Scholarship is awarded to students who excel in their German studies and embrace the German Culture. This non-renewable scholarship will provide 1-2 students with $1,500-$2,500 toward their tuition at Brookfield Academy.
  • Warren Scholarship

    Established in 2018 by Alumni Parents Drs. Greg and Shobha Warren, the Warren Scholarship is awarded to students from the City of Milwaukee seeking a Brookfield Academy education. To be considered for this scholarship, students must demonstrate financial need, academic promise, and good character. The scholarship is renewable provided students continually strive to succeed.
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