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Finances and Fundraising

When the school bell rang for the first time, BA’s fiscal principle had already been established to ensure long-term financial soundness and strength.
Included in these fundamentals is that tuition will cover operating costs. With this guiding principle, your annual giving is available for creating a better learning environment and for programs that enrich the children’s overall experience.

List of 2 items.

  • Tuition Covers Operating Costs

    • Instructional Programs
    • Building Repairs & Improvements
    • Administrative
    • Advancement
    • Debt Reduction
    • Supplemental Programs
    • Athletic Expenses
    • Co-Curricular Expenses
  • Annual Giving Covers Capital Needs & Program Support

    Capital Needs
    • Academics & Technology
    • Extra-Curricular Activities
    • Capital Repairs & Improvements

    Program Support

    • Student Programs
    • Scholarships & Financial Aid
    • Professional Development

Financial Report

(for the year ended June 30, 2017)
Unrestricted annual giving (primarily the Annual Fund and the Dinner Auction) is separately designated for student-focused recurring capital expenditures, not annual operating expenses. Annual giving makes possible facility renovations and upgrades, while The Five Star Legacy Endowment has continued to be a source of controlling tuition through scholarships and restricted donations.

Founding Fiscal Principles

Brookfield Academy operates on the founding fiscal principles:
  1. The school will not run at a deficit.
  2. Tuition will cover all operational costs.
  3. Capital improvements will be raised outside of operational revenues.
  4. No government funds will be solicited and none accepted
Tuition is intended to pay the basic regular day-today operating expenses of the school. It is the policy of the school to set tuition annually based on a balanced, preliminary budget. At Brookfield Academy, the preliminary budget is determined based on the costs of people, programs, and services. The school develops a plan to allow covering all costs with tuition while maintaining excellent teachers, quality facilities, and a safe environment for students to learn.

Sound financial, operational, and personnel management coupled with responsible stewardship continues to allow Brookfield Academy to operate within a balanced budget from year to year. Any excess in revenues over expenses is used to reduce debt.
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