Portrait of a Graduate

Brookfield Academy’s purpose is grounded in our mission, to graduate students educated in the skills, values, and heritage of a responsible, constructive, free people. It is from the orderly development and use of the intellect and character that a child gains confidence, pride, versatility, and the eventual knowledge of self. It is our task to impart the tools and methods of learning, together with an appropriately substantial body of knowledge particular to each academic discipline.

The award of a Brookfield Academy diploma at graduation represents an outstanding personal achievement. This is demonstrated by the graduate’s:
  • Love and respect for freedom of the individual and an understanding of the responsibilities inherent in this freedom
  • Grasp of the fact that each individual alone determines the force of character and personality which will be brought to bear throughout life, while striving to cultivate the habits of ordinary goodness and service toward others
  • High degree of disciplined and independent thinking that permits one to understand and contribute to our culture
  • Confidence and enthusiasm in grappling with the difficulties inherent in any worthy activity
  • Expectation of success, firmly rooted in the development and practice of perseverance
  • Mastery of written and oral English language and substantial command of Latin and Spanish, French, or German
  • Mastery of the fundamentals of mathematics and their application with the ability to use the language of mathematics to clearly express principles of science
  • Knowledge of the physical environments of our globe and the fields of natural science
  • Understanding of man’s experience throughout history with an emphasis on Western Civilization
  • Insight into the natural economic laws of free exchange in the competitive market place, the right to property, and the responsibility of all to protect freedom
  • Appreciation for the enriching impact of classic literature and the fine and performing arts
  • Desire to pursue truth as a life-long endeavor
An Independent College Preparatory Day School | K3 to Grade 12