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With Trust, Primacy of the Parent, and a Robust Academic Program, Students Succeed

By Linda Pryor, Executive Director, The Center for Mission & Academics

The parent as the primary educator is one of the most important principles on which Brookfield Academy is firmly built and no doubt, always will be. Our mission is to partner with parents to support the goal of academic excellence.  That is our strength - the academic program is well rounded and exciting, our instructional approaches are time-tested and classical,  and our intentionality is consistent and reliable.  We focus on our students as individuals with unique strengths and challenges.  We do not desire to homogenize them but rather to help them shine -each in their own way. Human flourishing is our aim for each and every child as we strive to inspire them with our  Five Stars:  Intellect, Individuality, Character, Heritage, and Truth.  This is not only our strength, but our commitment to BA parents.
So when parents, as primary educators,  choose to send their children to our academy, they are also choosing our curriculum and our mission.  This choice is a vote of confidence in our academic program and an expectation that it will not change easily or be diminished in any way.  That is why any curriculum changes are made carefully, slowly, and again, with intentionality.   Parents need not worry that outside forces or even other parents will push us to alter our program.  We take our commitment to BA families seriously.  We are passionate about teaching, about the content we offer, and about doing the best for young people.   

On the other hand, we do listen carefully when parents tell us about the needs of their own scholars. We work together with parents to help their children with learning concerns, needs, and habits - listening carefully to their perspectives so we can support them on their journey through our program.  

In the areas of faith and morals, health, drugs, and wellness we are ever respectful of the primacy of parents.  We count on them to focus on these topics in the home and we do not interfere with their approach or perspective.  Naturally, we care about the whole child and will support parents and students in these areas as requested, but our class time is focused on the academics we have pledged to deliver. The Academy Triangle is rooted in trust -  trust that parents and teachers take on their respective responsibilities and work together, despite occasional differences of opinion or perspective, to assure that  every student receives the support, guidance, correction, and encouragement needed to achieve their best.
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