Visual Arts

Primary School

The Primary School arts curriculum focuses on the early skills needed to make works of art. Students create with color pencils, markers, oil pastels, watercolor and tempera paint, paper, brushes, and scissors. In addition, students learn how line, shape, color, texture, and form are the foundation to their artistic creations. Art History is emphasized and projects are based upon the works of famous artists such as Van Gogh, da Vinci, Matisse, Chagall, Monet, Mondrian, and Chihuly. Each year, the Primary School and Lower School create an all-school artistic project.

Lower School

Our Lower School arts education program expands each student’s aesthetic knowledge and skills while fostering his or her personal artistic development, creativity, and confidence. Students are encouraged to ask questions, develop ideas, problem solve, and approach tasks from different perspectives.

Middle School

Our Middle School visual arts program is invigorating and progressive. Students in Levels 6-8 delve further into art history and are continually challenged to visually express their ideas through individual projects.

Upper School

Our Upper School visual arts department trains students in a core foundation of classical skills, as well as the technology needed for relevance in the 21st century. Current methodology in writing and critique is embraced. Our visual art students are regularly recognized in local, state, and national art competitions and experience success in creative fields after graduation.

Dr. Robbyn Tunistra, Upper School Biology

"The arts find a home for everyone. All kids feel included and, for many, the arts provide a safe outlet to express their creativity and discover new strengths."

Visual Arts Department Chair

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  • Ms. Elaine Buckley 

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