Learn at Brookfield Academy

For more than five decades

Brookfield Academy provides a high quality K-12 education by implementing a classical approach grounded in the liberal arts. The school’s great success is due to its clear vision and goal for each student’s future. Through its well-planned and carefully delivered academic and character education programs, students grow to be “responsible, constructive, free people.”

The school’s mission and excellence result from the fact that each aspect of Brookfield Academy - the classroom instruction, the athletic program, the arts, and all the extracurriculars - work together to form the students’ character, their confidence, their intellect, and their sense of purpose and responsibility.
"The Academy student learns to adapt to life, to pursue a career, to 'make a living,' but if that is all he or she learns, we have failed. Ultimately, if the Academy has been a success, the student graduates with firm moral principles and with an understanding of and appreciation for his or her culture and with a sense of responsibility to every person."

William L. Law
An Independent College Preparatory Day School | K3 to Grade 12