Four Divisions, One School

Middle School

Creating Critical and Creative Thinkers

We are very proud of our school, students and teachers and want to provide a small overview of our dynamic program. I know some of you think back to your own experiences in Middle School and view these adolescent years as challenging. Those of us who work directly with Middle School students at Brookfield Academy have a different understanding of kids this age, believing this is a time for students to develop their intellect, individuality and character.   We often refer to your student as a “work in progress” who is ultimately prepared to enter and succeed in our Upper School program. Middle School students expand their basic skills, knowledge, and identify reasoning skills in preparation for Upper School.
Brookfield Academy Middle School students complete two years of Latin, study U.S. history, read and write extensively in English class, and build a solid foundation of science and math skills. Whether they are honing their writing talents across the curriculum, participating in a simulation tied to economics, or performing dramatic scenes in English class, students learn to stretch their minds in new ways.

Brookfield Academy encourages strong relationships between students, teachers, and parents, helping our students reach their academic goals. Teachers place an emphasis on individual responsibility and character development with their students. After school, students have a variety of athletic and club opportunities to sharpen interpersonal and leadership skills.

The BA Way

Parents and students alike often raise the question, “Why Brookfield Academy?” Here are some reasons to consider our unique program for your student:
  • Most importantly, our teachers stress character and individual growth of each student. We continually emphasize the importance of being a better student and person in all facets of school and everyday life. It is our goal for students to develop a sense of personal responsibility that will serve them as they move on to Upper School and beyond. We believe our Middle School prepares the foundation for the 100% graduation rate to a four-year college/university after graduating from theUpper School.
  • Small class sizes ensure that we provide individual attention in class and through our advisory program. Our student/advisor ratio is one advisor for every 10 -12 students. This allows for a safe and nurturing learning environment for students to engage in classroom and advisory discussions.
  • Our Liberal Arts and classical curriculum is blended with useful technological approaches that help students grasp the basic skills as they begin to transition to higher order thinking skills. The curriculum reflects a respect for our mission and Five Stars, providing students with the understanding that with individual freedom, we have a personal responsibility to contribute positively to society. Our award winning BAME simulation provides all students with an opportunity to learn this firsthand and emphasizes that our actions are reflected by the choices we make as individuals.
  • Brookfield Academy Middle School offers numerous athletic and club opportunities.  Students are encouraged to choose from many different sports, clubs and drama options so they can discover their talents. We offer a “no-cut” policy in our activities program and a large percentage of students participate in several activities. Chances are your student could be on a sport team and also have a lead role in the school musical.
  • We are so proud of our student accomplishments. The MathCounts team continues to do well at the state level. One of our school stock market teams recently won the state competition, made up of high schools and middle schools. Numerous fine arts awards in music and art continue to be the norm. In addition, our students score higher than other independent school students across the country on the ERB standardized tests. These results are a true testament of our student and teacher commitment to education.

If you have any questions or want to discuss in greater detail the Brookfield Academy Middle School program, do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Dr. Mark Bullio
Head of Middle School 
An Independent College Preparatory Day School | K3 to Grade 12