Four Divisions, One School

From K3 through Level 12, Brookfield Academy offers students an exemplary academic experience. Our students are prepared to attend the finest colleges and universities across the United States and throughout the world.
Primary School and Lower School students learn the basics - reading and math - but also are introduced to literature, languages, history, science, art, and a whole new academic environment to prepare them for lifelong learning.

In the Middle School, students continue to advance in the core curriculum. Learning activities are designed especially for their level of attention and energy. Besides core academics, students develop their physical bodies in gym class and their artistic abilities in chorus and art. Middle School students have access to a fully equipped computer lab and make use of technology skills to complete class assignments.

Brookfield Academy students begin their Upper School experience with a clear goal in sight: To be accepted by the college or university of their choice after graduation. One hundred percent of our graduates enter a four-year college or university program. Brookfield Academy's traditional liberal arts curriculum prepares students to pursue a wide range of options once in college.

Naheed Bleecker, parent

"Valuing education is clearly the highest priority for BA families. They know it is the best investment they can make for their child."
An Independent College Preparatory Day School | K3 to Grade 12