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Mission and Philosophy

Center for Mission and Academics

The mission of Brookfield Academy is to graduate students prepared for college and life, educated in the skills, values, and heritage of responsible, constructive, free people.

Established in 2017, the purpose of the Center for Mission and Academics is . . .
  • to preserve the mission of Brookfield Academy assuring, first and foremost, that the Five Stars live on in the minds and hearts of the current students, teachers, parents, and staff.
  • to be a resource of excellence in education and freedom while we advance the understanding and implementation of a classical education through which our students grow to be “responsible, constructive, free people.”
  • to engage with school leaders to continuously examine, evaluate, and strengthen the academic curriculum, especially to ensure that it aligns with mission.
  • to further serve as a supportive environment for teachers providing professional development in the themes surrounding mission.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss in greater detail the Center for Mission and Academics, please contact me.


Mrs. Linda Pryor
Executive Director
Center for Mission and Academics

Parent Presentations

Find details about The American Character Series, The Classical Heritage Series, and all parent presentations here.

Educational Materials

Download your copy of Religion at Brookfield Academy


Brookfield Academy faculty members ponder this year’s school theme “Open a book, begin a journey” in our podcasts for 2020. Explore with our teachers common themes and discussions on select fiction and non-fiction books.
Introducing a delightful story for our young readers! Look What We Found! is a children’s book created to honor and highlight the history of Brookfield Academy and the work of our founders, Walter S. Davis, William L. Law, William B. Smeeth, and Robert W. Baird. With the assistance of Author Linda Pryor ’73, Executive Director of Mission & Academics, and Illustrator Brigid Malloy ’14, Brookfield Academy published this book, a cheerful account of a real moment in time when young Jon Law happily exclaimed, “My grandfather found our school!”

Books are available for $18 each. Order your copy here.

This book would not be possible without the fortitude of our founders and the ongoing passion and commitment of our students, their families, and the many benefactors who believe in the Brookfield Academy values and Mission. We thank each and every one of you.

“The entire object of true education is to make people not merely do the right things, but enjoy the right things – not merely industrious, but to love industry – not merely learned, but to love knowledge – not merely pure, but to love purity – not merely just, but to hunger and thirst after justice.”
-John Ruskin 
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