Students at Brookfield Academy are challenged on a daily basis to reach for the stars.  Whether it is in the classroom, on the stage, or on the athletic field, our students relish the challenge of competition and the pursuit of excellence.

Five Stars of Brookfield Academy

In pursuit of its mission, Brookfield Academy's directors, Head of School, division heads, teachers, staff, students, parents, supporters, and friends mutually pledge with each other to embrace fully and without reservation the values represented by the Five Stars:


We thrill to the widening pool of knowledge which expands our minds and challenges us to creative thought.


We struggle to choose wisely, with the Golden Rule as our guide and excellence as our goal.


We respect the lessons of our country's past and love its traditions of liberty and self-discipline.


We recognize the absolutes of God's world and commit ourselves to pursue the good and the true.


We celebrate each other's unique talents and strengths, and treasure our personal freedom to reach our potential.