Dress Code

Dress CodeOne of the many ways Brookfield Academy attempts to prepare students for lives as "responsible, constructive free people" (in the words of the school's mission statement) is by operating with a voluntary dress code, rather than a mandatory uniform policy. BA students are free to learn how to dress responsibly on a voluntary basis in the absence of mandates inherent in a compulsory uniform policy. By establishing reasonable standards for responsible dress, the Academy makes it possible for stu­dents to express their individuality, while still exhibiting good taste and proper decorum in accordance with the societal virtues of modesty and propriety.

Students are expected at all times to express their adherence to the Academy ideals in their attire, grooming, and personal demeanor. All grooming should reflect a positive self-image and pride in personal appearance. It is impossible to make precise rules about every item of clothing, but we trust that students will reflect, in their dress, the formal, academic environment of the school.

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