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  • Students Shine in a Wide Variety of Events and Challenges!

    Upper School: Congratulations! Spanish students participated in the State Spanish Pronunciation Contest (Concurso Oral") sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. More than 50 schools participated; BA students earned the following: Poetry (memorized) First Place: Victoria Toledo, Olivia Potter, and Hibah Hafeez; Second Place: Kaitlyn DeMaster, Vibhusha Kolli, and Rhea Prag; Narration (memorized) First Place: Victoria Toledo, Abigail Curran, Ray Jiao, and Zahra Jazayeri; Second Place: Katherine Kappl, Vibhusha Kolli, Andrew DeMaster, and Brian Colananni; Reading (not prepared) FirstPlace: Victoria Toledo, Zahra Jazayeri, Jassia Ahmad, Oishee Chakrabarti, Isabel Thomas, Joseph Mann, Olivia Potter, Abigail Curran, Taylor Just, Ammar Razzaq, Macy O’Malley, and Hibah Hafeez; Second Place: Katherine Kappl, Vibhusha Kolli, Marie Major, and Andrew DeMaster; Conversation First Place: Victoria Toledo, Oishee Chakrabarti, Isabel Thomas, Taylor Just, and Macy O’Malley; Second Place: Vibhusha Kolli, Zahra Jazayeri, Jassia Ahmad, Marie Major, Andrew DeMaster, Joseph Mann, and Olivia Potter.

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