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  • Students Shine in a Wide Variety of Events and Challenges!

    Congratulations! The following Upper School students received recognition for their outstanding performance in The National French Contest/Le Grand Concours: Gold Medals: Charlotte Aexel, Abdou Allah Camara, Madison Hesse, Linda Karti, Andy Liu, Mishaal Omer, and Akshay Saluja; Silver Medals: Margot Armbruster, Caitlin Connor, Safa Jan, Alisha Khosla, Genevieve Kopp, Tennyson Matthews, Taytem Matthews, Daniel Perelman, Calleigh Rogers, Anand Saluja, and Bridgette Youso; Bronze Medals: Maya Booth, Isabelle Grossman, Gabriella Hoggatt, Suneri Kothari, Luke Mixon, and Elke Schlagenhauf; Honorable Mention: Ananya Ganesan, Olivia Jonas, Alexandra Petrova, Kaylee Radtke, Ana Schneider, Brian Thomas, Hannah Wallace, Ella Wareham, and Erna von Estorff. 5/23/18

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